SonicTransporter i5 Roon Core Not Seen by Roon Remote on iMac

Today I received a ST i5 and initial set-up went fine. I logged off the iMac and logged in again to the ST Roon core. I put a couple of files onto the SSD and everything worked. I then copied my Roon db to the ST per instructions and now Roon fails to see the ST on start-up only the iMac is a choice. If I sign into the iMac and go to Roon>Setting>Audio the Roon ST is shown under the Networked devices HDMI. Also, through Finder I see the ST and through the Sonicorbiter I’m connected and can control the ST. I simply now cannot get Roon to reconize the ST as a core when I launch the App. Only the iMac is a choice.

I’m running macOS Sierra 10.12.1 with cable out of my Airport Extreme into a Netgear switch and then into the ST and a microRendu out of the switch as well.

Help please. Thanks, Tim

does this help?

Yes! I needed to remove the Roon DB from my iMac and then I restarted everything and presto! ST is seen as the core.

Thank you so much!

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That’s what I was about to tell you! I tried stuff for 3 days with no luck until somebody (Carl I think) told me to make sure the Roon DB was deleted off my old Core (MacBook Pro). Glad you got it all working! I had an online TeamViewer session with Andrew of Small Green Computer yesterday evening to sort out the correct paths for my Watched folders. Something odd happened and not all my files were being found until Andrew messed with Terminal on my computer and got all my music properly recognized.