sonicTransporter i9

Well, maybe collectively we can start one up?

Works on sT i9
poly-sinc-MQA-lp, AMSDM7 512+fs, SDM, DSD512
poly-sinc-MQA-lp, AMSDM7EC, SDM, DSD256 (stutters occasionally)
Sinc S, DSD7 256+fs, SDM, DSD256

Stutters on sT i9
poly-sinc-MQA-lp, AMSDM7EC 512+fs, SDM, DSD512
poly-sinc-MQA-lp, DSD5EC, SDM, DSD512
Sinc S, DSD7 256+fs, SDM, DSD512

This would get to be a huge list, especially if we wanted corroboration from 2 or 3 sources. Then, to do it well, we should be reporting our network information. Etc. Etc.

We don’t really need any other information. What can be played on HQPlayer is just a function of CPU power.

I started a list on our forum if anybody whats to post updates there.

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I tool love the i9. I am having stuttering with two channel files when I use the ASDM7EC mod. with the poly-sync-ext2 upsampling DSD64 to DSD256. The Roon Core is running on a Mac Mini in an attempt to get it to work. When I look at the system only 4 cores are engaged and the first two quickly go to 100% and the music stutters. Is there a way with these settings to get more core’s engaged?


I have an sT i9 as well and really do love it. Except it won’t do DSD64 to DSD256 upsampling with poly-sync-ext2 filter and ASDM7EC modulator. That’s why I am considering getting the Mac Mini M1 and HQPlayer Desktop to do that. If that ends up working, I will probably sell my sT i9 and get another Mac Mini M1 to run the Roon core.

I can’t get the M1 to do that. It only goes as high as DSD128 (it may do 128 48k, but I am not listening on my dac that does 48k) with those settings. This is interesting because the processor show 62% idle. So I think Jussi could make it work, but what do I know :grin:. I tried running the Roon Core on the i9 to get it to work, but no luck. The other thing I find interesting is that when I play these settings on the i9 only 4 cores get engaged. I wonder if that could be improved upon in the hqplayer software.

Do you have Multicore DSP set to grayed (auto) when you try?

The M1 (at least in this most current version of HQPlayer) works best with Multicore checked (not grayed). I just set it to gray to answer your question and it immediately starts stuttering on DSD64 to 128. It stutters works on 256 with the check box grayed.

Interesting. @jussi_laako said in another thread that it now works best if grayed. Do you have the 4.8.1 release?

yes I have the 4.8.1 release. @jussi_laako please weigh in on some of the previous dialogue about the i9 M1 comparisons.

Hi @Robert_Anderson1

It reads like you are struggling to upsample DSD64 content to higher DSD rates with EC modulators with your Mac Mini M1?

Is that correct?

On all HQP threads on various forums since December, I haven’t seen anyone confirming they could do this with the M1 Mac Mini. Including Jussi.

All reports I’ve seen have been regarding upsampling PCM content to DSD256 with EC modulators…

that is correct. I am new to the M1. I am just experimenting with what is possible. I am also not able to have the i9 Sonictransporter upsample two channel DSD64 to 256 using the ASDM7EC and poly-sync-ext2.

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All good ! It’s just that you wrote “So I think Jussi could make it work”

I could be wrong but I haven’t seen him (or anyone) say his M1 could do DSD64 content to DSD256 with EC mod.

I am able to get DSD64 to DSD256 48K with the DSD5EC and the ASDM5EC modulators using the poly-sync-ext2 filter. To get it working, I have to have a 100 ms buffer and I need to have nothing else running on the Mac, including closing all open windows (Roon, HQPlayer, Finder, everything).

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It sounds like I need to wait until the next generation Mac Mini using Apple Silicon that is not designed for portable (i.e., battery powered) applications.

Keep in mind that Roon is not yet designed for apple Silicon. It is running through Rosetta. I am finding that every bit of CPU usage makes a difference.

Are you saying that you have not tried HQPlayer by itself on the Mac Mini M1 doing DSD64 to DSD256 upsampling with poly-sync-ext2 filter and ASDM7EC modulator?

I would not expect the Mac Mini M1 to run both the Roon Core and HQPlayer with that filter and modulator.

I tried this two way. I closed Roon on the Mac and played DSD64 to 256 with poly-sync-ext2 filter and ASDM7EC modulator and it stuttered. I also tried playing using the Roon Core on the i9. Same result. Finally the i9 does no better. That is my conclusion.

Note that poly-sinc-ext2 or the other oversampling filters are not applicable to DSD-to-DSD conversions. Only modulator and “SDM Integrator” and “SDM Conversion” options in DSD Source Settings.

What I’ve tested, DSD64 to DSD256 with ASDM7EC works just fine on i7-8086K, i9-9900K(S) and i9-10900K.

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