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The album cover for my local library version of Sonny’s seminal album Cool Struttin’ in weird, and I can’t tell where Roon is pulling this from. if we go into the Edit Album section we see:

there’s no local file, so defaults to Roon’s image, which is not the original, and I suspect is pulled from a dodgy re-release (it’s out of copyright in some countries).

if we scroll down to the Tidal and Qobuz alternatives, they each have multiple versions, all with the correct cover art.

can this be corrected in Roon’s DB?

Hey @woodford,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As always, we appreciate the heads up here.

It looks like our index has been told that EMI’s digital download cover is the original art. I’ll investigate further and see what can be done from our side to correct this. Please continue to bring these cases to our attention as you discover them. We appreciate your help!


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Hi @woodford,

We’ve investigated and this situation is a bit tricky because both of the images are considered “official” art. We’ve taken some action on our end that should trigger the use of canonical art. It could take some time for the desired change to show up in our metadata.

For immediate results please download the image below and park it in your local Sonny Clark Cool Struttin’ album folder. Then, rescan the album from the album page (Ellipsis>Edit>Album options>Rescan album) That should fix it up!

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thank you- I just named it cover.jpg and I didn’t even have to rescan.

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Thank you for the update @woodford, I’m glad that worked.

Great cover art, even better album! This Grant Green collection also features some great stuff from Sonny, highly recommended.

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already in my library. :wink:

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