SonoreUPnP Bridge (beta)

Hi Ashok, The bridge is software. The IP address is that of the hardware it is running on (sonicTransporter, microRendu etc.), that is the address you would have to change to fixed.

Thanks for the reply struts. I should have explained that I was referring to the hardware device itself; the one from Small Green Computer -

All it does is run the bridge software. Configuration screens do not appear to allow changing the IP address. I have contacted SGC for information.

Ah. My apologies. Wasn’t aware of that device. Although I am sure @Jesus_Rodriguez would probably know the answer I would suggest that you post this question on the Small Green Computer page. I am sure @agillis will help you.

You can fix the IP address at the router.

Yeah just go into your router and set a static IP reservation.

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I use a SonoreUPnP Bridge to stream to a Naim ND5XS, using Roon. The Bridge was set up to LPCM and everything worked flawlessly.
After the recent upgrade of Roon to V1.7 (build 505) music with resolution higher than 24/96 is reproduced with a strong static noise. Setting the Bridge to PCM solves the issue.


Naim support has been hit or miss. I’m glad you got it working…enjoy!

Have you tried WAV at the output?
Somewhere in this thread I posted images of my configuration both on Roon and the SonoreUPnP Bridge.
These continue to work solidity with Roon for me feeding my NDS, whether previously at 1.5 or 1.6 and now 1.7
What platform are you running the SonoreUPnP bridge on? What version of SonoreOrbiterOS are you running?

I have the latest versions of both Roon and Sonicorbiter OS. Yes, changing to WAV solved the issue, but it used to work perfectly for months with LPCM until the latest Roon update.

Just flipped the output of SonoreUPnP bridge to LPCM and it still works fine for all formats up to 24/192.
It is displayed by the NDS as PCM for all FLAC as well as unfolded MQA. DSD content is displayed as PCM 176.4kHz, but all plays.

So either there is an issue with the buffers in the ND5XS or the device hosting the SonoreUPnP bridge.

I restarted everything (roon server, ND5XS, Sonore Bridge)…and now it works with LPCM in hi-res. Gremlins I guess…

Thanks Simom

Nice work…enjoy!

Was there any SQ difference between the PCM and LPCM settings?
I would prefer to sending my NDS WAV format for PCM and then handling any DSD as DSD64 using the on-board processing within the NDS.

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Simon, I haven’t had enough listening time with WAV to compare. You have raised my curiosity, so I’ll experiment and get back with my impressions

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I posted following help in auddiphile style forum,

I do have question on Roon aspect of what i’m trying to accomplish, whether there is any point of going further.

So, assuming i can get the SonoreUPnP Bridge to detect my renderer (in this case Astell & Kern AK380, which as a comparison i’ve tried BubbleUPnP on Android and it detects and playback to it fine, few test tracks, 24bit/352.8Khz, native DSD256).

My understanding is that such DLNA/UPnP bridge devices/apps that work with Roon presents to Roon as a Squeezebox device.

If the bridging did work between the UPnP/DLNA renderer and Roon, then from Roon point of view, is there Squeezebox device setting that allows Roon to play (natively) DSD64/128/256 and up to 24 bit/352.8 Khz on the renderer (in this case Astell & Kern AK380)?

Or, is there limitation with Roon support for Squeezebox devices that does not support native DSD’s, and only up to certain PCM?

I wasn’t sure if Roon can support renderer that can be treated as pass-through, no conversions needed since AK380 shouldn’t need any conversions in front.

From the BubbleUPnP screen for the renderer, shows following,

And in BubbleUPnP setting for the renderer, i have turned off all conversions, and check for mime type,

Thanks much.

Squeezebox can handle up to 192/24 and I think you can send DSD64 via DOP. So if you use the bridge those would be your limits over the network.

And as usual, Roon does not officially support software sqeezelite endpoints, so be aware.

For the NDS, I can process traffic up to 24/192, presented as WAV to the NDS, and DSD64 via DOP, and presented as native DSD to the NDS.
This minimizes any DSP processing by Roon and the NDS for these formats.

24/384, 24/352.8, DSD128, DSD256 and any MQA encoded files need pre-processing in the Roon Core.
For MQA, the 1st unfold is to a max of 24/96