I have the Sonos Arc and Sub, and noticed that I am not able to Group the Arc soundbar and the Sub. I am assuming that since they are both of the same type [AirPlay].

Does anyone know why?

If you group them in the Sonos app, they should be seen as a single “target” in Roon.

I have a bedroom system consisting of Arc + two Sonos:Ones + sub, and they are seen in Roon as “Master Bedroom Sonos” and can be connected via AirPlay or Sonos protocols.

tl:dr - be sure they’re grouped properly in Sonos app first.


If the Arc and sub are already linked in the Sonos app it should treat them the same way.
You can never send to the Sub on it’s own as it is not an endpoint.

I think that I have them grouped properly in the Sonos app, but I am not sure. So, I am attaching various screenshots for you guys to see what I have.

Please let me know what I may be doing wrong or other views that I need to capture to show you.

Hi Ali
From what I can see it looks like the Sub and Soundbar are linked perfectly.
I own plenty of Sonos gear but no soundbar or Sub and I am surprised to see the sub show up as it’s own device.

if you play using SonosNet do you get any output from the sub?

Hi Michael - First, thank you.

When you say SonosNet, do you mean playing music via the app. If so, I am able to get output from Arc and Sub in a synchronized manner as one would expect. It sounds good.

The interesting thing is that when I disable the Sub in Roon, it’s almost as if I am disabling a channel [right/left] of the music, where part of the music designated to one of the channels is not being played by Arc.

Thanks for confirming that Ali.
If you then try to play from Roon using the Sonos protocol rather than Airplay, what happens then?

You might have to enable this in Settings->Audio

I have 2 stereo pairs that show up looking like this, if not enabled try to enable this

So, I see that the Sub is already showing via Sonos streaming, but the Arc is showing via AirPlay.

And, I don’t see how to change the streaming protocol! for Arc from AirPlay to Sonos streaming!?

In the Audio Settings if you scroll down, you should see The Arc shown under Sonos Streaming, enable it there and probably disable the Sub (as that should be linked in the Sonos app).

As said I don’t have an Arc but this is how I create stereo pairs, and I don’t understand why the Sub shows up as it’s an accessory device.

I’m not finding a section in the Sonos app, called Audio Settings.

If you mean Audio in Roon, then Sonos Arc and Sonos Sub are both in a section called Other Network Devices, and there is no way to change the streaming protocol.

Sorry Ali I mean in the Roon app under Settings and then Audio.
You have already done the work in the Sonos app

Can you post a similar screenshot

to this showing said devices?

Ali they are the same device, and have the same IP address. Both showing up on but only one can play at a time so you cannot link them at all (due to the different protocols)

You probably want to rename Sonos Sub in Roon to save yourself some confusion.

If you play from Roon to the device called Sonos Sub what happens ?


Huge thanks to you, @Michael_Harris :pray:

It turned out that the instance labeled Sub was actually the Arc, coupled with the Sub. At least, that was the effect when I tried what you suggested. So, I labeled it accordingly in Roon and disabled the other instance. Everything played great!

Thank you, @AceRimmer, @jhwalker as well. :pray:


Great news Ali and glad I could be of help.
Hopefully now you are fully enjoying the setup.


Thanks again, @Michael_Harris.

This not only cleared up some confusion, but I am also seeing that I am getting higher resolution output from the setup. :smiley: :metal:

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Yes you will get a resampled 24/48 (unless the music is already in 24/48 of course) as opposed to 16/44 on Airplay. So a double win for you

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