Sonos Beam not receiving audio configured as Airplay device

Sonos Beam not receiving audio as Roon Networked Device / Airplay mode.

Thank you for sharing this observation you have made with us @Scott_Emmick, the feedback is appreciated!

To shed some light on why you are seeing this behavior with the Sonos Beam…


Is there a reason Airplay 2 hasn’t been adopted? It’s been in devlopment now for ages. Just surprised you guys aren’t on top of it. Is this scheduled soon? I ask because my subscription is up for renewal and I have no upgrade path to lifetime, but dev seems to be a bit slow for such a premium positioned product.

Hi @Scott_Emmick ---- Thank you for getting in touch!

As our product manger @mike mentions here, at the moment we have not announced any public plans regarding Airplay 2.