Sonos Category and observation

(1) Givent he ubiquity of Sonos as an endpoint and compatibility with version 1.3, doesn’t it now deserve its own category under “Audio Products?” Audiophiles may cringe, but a lot of us have these things deployed around the house. Compatability under 1.3 was a huge win.

(2) I was initially amazed at the application of DSP to a Sonos zone and then something happened where I moved markedly backwards - worse that before. As it turns out, volume leveling appears to have been the culprit - in my experience - turn off volume leveling when using Sonos.

(3) Definitely notice that control of the Sonos transport is much more finicky under Roon control than the Sonos app - go slow and easy on it.

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I was excited when I say Sonos was added as an endpoint, but got less excited when I realized you couldn’t group it with RAAT endpoints. That being said, I am selling all my Sonos stuff and going with all RAAT endpoints (RaspberryPI with Hifiberrys). I don’t have any Sonos speakers, just Connects, so not a big deal for me to switch. I wish there was a way they could have made the Sonos stuff “groupable” with other Roon endpoint types, but I certainly understand (assume) that there are significant complications.

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