Sonos chirping!

After the latest update my Sonos system is chirping a few times after it randomly stops playing. The random stoppage is nothing new to me as I’ve always had reliability issues with Roon and Sonos. Whats new is that I hear some chirps through my speakers after Sonos stops.

Anyone else have this issue?

BTW, using Spotify to play through Sonos is much more reliable.

Thanks for sharing your report with us @tboooe!

What Sonos devices are you using? Do you have Sonos devices grouped? Does it happen for all Sonos zones, grouped or not?

So we can gain some additional insight into what you’re experiencing, may I kindly ask that you please verify the following:

  • Have you experienced this behavior at all outside of Roon?
  • May I please ask that you share a video of what you’re experiencing?
  • Is there any change in the stoppages you’ve reported? Do they still happen the same amount as before?


Dylan, thank you for the reply. The chirping happened on an old ZP-100. I was listening without any grouping and have not tested this with any other zones. This issue has never happened when I played through Spotify or Sonos. As for the overall reliability of Sonos and Roon, its about the same which means I have stoppages during every listening sessions.

Thanks for the info, @tboooe!

So we can have a better idea of what exactly you’re experiencing, can you try to use some other audio zones and let us know if you experience the same behavior?

When the stoppages occur are there any error messages in Roon? Are you able to play again right away? Does the Sonos zone still show as available in Roon?

Have you noticed any patterns in when these stoppages and the chirping occurs? Does the chirping occur every time there is a stop? Does it happen with all media, or only certain types? If possible, can you share a video of what you’re seeing when the chirping occurs?

I’d also like to enable some diagnostics on your account, but first, can you replicate the issue once more and note the time in which the behavior occurs? This way we can review the diagnostics report in relation to the time that this behavior is experienced.