Sonos Connect Clicks

halfway through the 14 day trial and looking good so far apart from one issue. I have two Sonos Connect endpoints which I use with Roon. One of them works fine but the other produces a very audible high frequency click at the start of audio being played. The click also occurs when any new selection starts playing and for the start of every song in Radio mode. Pausing and restarting also clicks. It does not occur between tracks if an album is allowed to play all the way through. It does not matter what format the audio is in, it does it with all FLAC resolutions, 44k/16 to 192/24. Everything is wired, no wifi. Server is Roon headless running on a win10 i7 laptop.
I have only played audio on one other device, a MacBook Pro and this does not have the issue. Roon and the Sonos devices are all at the latest software versions but the Sonos devices were bought a year or two apart, so there could be a hardware/firmware difference?
I have reviewed the server and zone settings but there does not obviously seem to be anything I can adjust that is related to this issue. Any ideas?

Hi @Anthony_B,

This is an issue that I’ve observed as well in a couple of setups with the Connect. It’s a known issue and is in the process of being addressed.