SonoS Connect keeps disappearing

For several years I have been using a SonoS connect to feed Roon to my whole house set-up without issues. The analog outputs from the connect Connect feed a integrated amp that is connected to a switcher that controls speakers in about 10 locations. It isn’t used too often but for approximately the last two months the SonoS device keeps disappearing as an available Roon choice. It is a pain power cycling the Connect and my SGC device and my wireless router trying to make the device discoverable.

Any suggestions. My other two endpoints are always available.

I am still having this issue with the SonoS Connect where after using this one Roon endpoint (my other endpoints are rock solid) when I come back a few days later the SonoS is not listed as an available option. I have to restart my Core then wait several minutes for the Connect to show as a selectable endpoint. For several years this was a inexpensive way to get Roon to my whole house system,

I might have to go out and pick up a used Lumin D2 or something similar if I can’t figure out why only this endpoint disappears.

Is it on WiFi?

Are these wired?

What is the model of the router?

My home network is a Orbi Mesh Network. The Connect is connected to a Mesh Satellite via ethernet. This is how it has been connected and worked without issue for several years.

If the problematic endpoint is running on Ethernet and it supports WiFi, perhaps you may try WiFi, although this is the opposite of my usual recommendation.