Sonos Connect S1 Replacement Options

Some background info. I was a Sonos user long before Roon. I’m a fan. I also like Roon but the recent Internet 100% requirement + Plus the fact that ARC does not work my my ISP (and not looking good anytime soon) + increase in Roon prices has me rethinking Sonos only. I’m also not super concerned with sound quality for my whole house systems. I have a dedicated room for quality listening.

So today I was updating Sonos software because it has been running on Roon only for 2 or more years. My NAS share no longer worked. I messed and messed and messed eventually getting ahold of Sonos support. Turns out you have to enable SMB 1 on the NAS for Sonos S1 to work.

SMB 1 has know security problems. I’m not an expert on that to know exactly how bad but my QNAP system advises against using SMB 1.

I have a mix of S1 and S2 devices. I could scrap the Gen 1 Connects (yes plural) I have around the house with amps and speakers I like for other Sonos options or replace the Connects with the Lesser (My opinion) new Gen 2 Port. I could also buy used Connects that are Gen 2 compatible.

Wondering if anyone out there has experience with RPi based systems that are small with onboard amp(s) that they are happy with.

In short I’m wondering where the sweet spot is between:

  • Used Gen 2 Sonos Connects and stick with all my existing other working fine equipment
  • New Gen 2 Port/Amp and keep/change some of the equipment
  • New Gen 2 outdoor Sonos Gen 2 speakers. This is probably not likely because I’m quite happy with my current two sets of outdoor speakers
  • Replace all Sonos Connects with RPi based “stuff” and keep Roon for multi room/outdoor use

For now it seems like I’m not comfortable with the Sonos S1 requirement to enable SMB 1.


Really? No opinions on SMB1, ditching Roon, replacements for Sonos-like connect/amp products?