Sonos Devices Missing

Hi @noris. Just FYI, I’m having the same issue with my new ROCK install on my NUC. My Sonos devices show up as AirPlay end points but I don’t see any of them as Sonos end points.

My network is a 5-node eero mesh, all devices are within the same /24 address range, the Sonos devices show up as they should when I run the core on a Windows 10 PC. I’ve got two Sonos devices hard-wired (one Boost and one Connect), and the remaining devices are on SonosNet.

I just rebooted the my Boost, and the Sonos devices showed up. I’ll report back as to whether they disappear again…

Hi @jasonheyd,

I split you out into a separate thread. Do let me know if the issue still appears to be resolved.

Sounds good & will do. I debated whether to start a separate thread or if you’d prefer to have a similar-sounding issue noted in the original. :slight_smile:

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Let’s keep reports separate for now, sometimes issues are environmental (due to Network Setup, OS, ect.) so it’s best that issues are investigated individually instead of having everything merged into one thread.

Makes sense!

FYI, I haven’t seen a repeat of the issue, so it could have been a one-off based on my core being new & it not having heard from a Sonos node until I rebooted one of them.

I’ll keep an eye out and report back here if it happens again (or open a new thread if this one closes).


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