Sonos devices not recognized by ROON

Good morning can somebody explain to me why ROON recognizes just half of my Sonos devices. Do I have to reset my Sonos device? Sonos connect for example. Thanks a lot

Everything that is not wired can become a problem with the greater distance, poor reception or transmission power, not always, but it then occurs more often. Is the problem gone near the core / router?

Hello Uwe, my SONOS connect is connected to my router by ethernet, no WiFi. This SONOS connect streams the music to my sound system (B&W).

The Sonos connect is the most important part of my system to stream music to another Soundsystem. The other Sonos devices are not so interesting.

The next consideration would be whether the entire system has been running for a long time without interruption and could have lost something software-wise over the long haul. I have read many solutions where only a small (power) break of 5 minutes for all devices up to the router was the solution.

The third solution involved the issue of confusion, where identical devices were no longer recognized as another player, remote control, etc… Since a gradual switch on and off as a test would help.

…and if we all don’t have enough knowledge, a friendly team member will come to us and have many more suggestions or look at the LOG data that could give clues.

I’ll put it on support. If the solution should come already so, please report, because the support has really much to do.

Thank you for your possible solution I will try your proposals if the powerbreak is a solution I will communicate this with you. thanks a lot

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I had this issue for some weeks.

The linked post fixed my issue.


Ha ha thought you had gone quiet on me :wink:
Glad your setup is also stable now as well.

I did buy myself a Bluesound PowerNode 2i even though mine was stable for 2 week.

Emile this has not worked for everyone, but for at least two of us.

I was waiting for it to fall over again, but it hasn’t :+1:

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How’s the 2i for sound quality?

I was going to replace my play 1 with the bluesound flex units if the problems continued. Will stick with the Play 1 for now and see if they remain stable.

My play 1 are rarely used but it is annoying when zones go AWOL like they did. Better to have RAAT devices when all said and done, stability is far superior.

Oh yes I have been through all the emotions with this and telling myself it is only music does not help when it falls over (the last three weeks of having it working have been bliss and I have listened to so much music it has been great.

I did think that the Sonos Amp had an excellent sound, and I was not really expecting the PowerNode 2i (not the new 2020 model which is pretty much impossible to buy in the UK) to improve much on it.
It’s only 60w per channel so I was not expecting too much power either, but damn if it doesn’t drive my Dali Oberon 5’s like a dream and I have not been above 25% volume at all.

It beats the Amp some for SQ and also goes up to 24/192, but the biggest thing for me is that it it is RAAT native, and while using Roon most of what I buy from now on will have RAAT protocols.

I will always be a fan of Sonos as it sounds great and is very easy for end users to set up to be fair, but the last two months have taught me that Roon are really only interested in RAAT devices, and everything else is best efforts when they have time, and they really have not had the time to look at this.
I see Darko is reviewing the Lyngdorf TDAI -1120 hopefully this weekend and this was on my list for purchase next year, but I thought it might be a bit underpowered but the PowerNode is telling me that this is not the case.
I have paired the PoerNode with one of the RooNumio remotes and they make a good pairing, enough that I have ordered another for my study for the two Play 3’s that are wall mounted in there.

So here’s hoping our music continues to play.

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Good to hear positive experience with the 2i. I was always curious about bluesound a few years back but was too invested in Sonos.

I used to run a whole house sonos system with 8 devices. When the S1 / S2 debacle started I searched Roon out. Only have 3 sonos speakers left now. Everything else had been sold and replaced.

RAAT is defo the way to go for Roon where possible. All my RAAT devices are solid.

Look forward to the Darko review on the 1120. I think its a great piece of kit. I haven’t heard the NAD, Naim or Cambridge one box amps. Interested to see what Darko has to say on how they all stack up against each other when he does the 1120.

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Exactly my thoughts on the all in one’s and the upcoming Darko review.
Sort of wanted a class A/B amp but leaning heavily towards the Lyngdorf in terms of quality and features (at least in my mind)

Hello @Emile_van_Wonderen

Just checking in to see if @ogdens_sliced and @Michael_Harris remedy also worked on your system. Can you please let us know if you had success with this as well? Thanks!