Sonos Move - Skipping at start of tracks

Searched but couldn’t find a mention of this. Anytime I play Room via a Sonos Move, the first few seconds of each track are “skippy” or “jerky”. It then settles down and is fine for the remainder of the track.

Does anybody else experience this? Is it a known issue?

Tracks are sourced from Tidal, via Room core installed on a desktop PC.


I have recently started having this same problem through Roon. It does not skip when using Tidal though the Sonos app. I have restarted all Sonos speakers & Roon with no improvement.

Have either of you tried reducing the quality to 16bit (from 24 bit) (iSettings->Audio) or tired using Airplay which is also worth trying

I use my Move regularly without issue and have it set to 16 bit. I have also used Airplay in the passed when Roon had Sonos issues

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Thanks Michael, I shall try tomorrow and report back.

Just to report back on this. Reducing the quality from 24 to 16 did not correct the issue - but switching the Airplay did! So I’m going to stick with that - the reduction in quality isn’t noticable to me with a speaker such as this, and the issue was really starting to grate.

Thanks Michael!

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Nick as you have said there is not really a noticable difference.vif you have all modern Sonos equipment (sadly I do not) the ln you can just sit back and relax and enjoy the music.