Sonos ONE SL playing fine then Core loses Streaming connection but not Airplay

Very infrequently the Core will “lose” the Sonos One SL audio devices labelled “Streaming” but the Airplay device remains present but only works intermittently. This has occurred over various release of Roon, so I am not sure where the issue resides.

Earlier today the speakers were playing fine than just stopped. I opened the Remote app, and it could not “find” the audio device that just stopped. My first step was to repower both Sonos speakers and wait for them to finish reboot. Both speakers are connected over a wired network and not via WiFi, as is the core connection. After the speakers rebooted, the Core still did not recognize the Streaming device. I tried to play over Airplay, but the playback was “rough” with dropouts or less than stellar sound. I then rebooted the Core. After the Core rebooted, both Sonos audio devices appeared. I queued the same playlist I used on the Airplay device and the playlist is still playing just fine. I have not checked on new Sonos One firmware updates for about 6 months.

I play most of my music as background so several of my device throughout the house are playing 24x7. Overall, the Sonos One speakers are the most reliable with some stoppages, but overall, the number of failures has decreases with the last few 1.8 updates. I am running 2.0 and this last failure was under 2.0.

I believe there are other recent reports of the Core losing control or contact with some audio device and just wanted to document this recent failure, simply because it seems to be rare and may be associated with Sonos’ firmware, use of wired Ethernet, or the way I play music.

@robert_merritt, I’ve moved your post to #support, so it gets attention.

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Hi Robert this is a known problem and affects a number of Sonos user’s only using the SonosNet protocol.

Some changes to Sonos and Roon have caused it and it has been affecting some of us for a year. Roon have not yet been able to reproduce this issue even though some of us have provided lot’s of log’s

Thanks for the update. Hope one or both parties figure this out. I am thinking about locating another pair of ONE SL speakers and wanted to make sure my purchase would continue to work. The newer ONE speakers have the microphones and undesired voice enable assistants.


Roon Core Machine

Dell powerserver T310, Xeon 4 core 3.3ghz, 16GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All Wired Cisco switches/router and a pair of Cisco 1831 AP’s. Only the Squeezebox units use WiFi. All other audio is cabled.

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos ONE SL speakers, Dell R10 desktop, Dell 7090 desktop, 2-Squeezebox devices.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

in original message

I have been recommending people use Airplay when having issues with this as this always works and still gives 16/44 quality. Of course if you have older Sonos then they might not have Airplay.

Sonos ignores the fact that Roon exists, and Roon has not really given this any engineering time up to know.

I do not expect any change in the near future

have filled out request 2 time and nothing posts. must be doing it wrong. Data is:
Dell powerserver T310, Xeon 4 core, 3.3, 16GB memory, Windows 10 Pro, fully patched.
All Cisco switches, router, and 1832 pair of AP.s.
All audio is wired at gigabit except 2 Squeezebox devices which use WiFi
Audio device: Sonos ONE SL, Dell R10 and 7090 desktops, 2-Squeezebox units
Library 100091

Hello @robert_merritt ,

Apologies for the slow response here, we’re working through a large queue of tickets and just saw yours, thank you for your patience here.

Can you please confirm if the latest Roon release has helped with any of the behavior you reported? We have made a change with regard to Sonos devices in our latest release.

If you are still seeing this issue, can you please let me know the exact local time + date when you notice the Sonos disappear? We’ll enable logging for your account afterward, thank you!

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