Sony DMP-Z1 native DSD?

Hi! I have the Sony DMP-Z1 hooked up to my MacBook Pro via usb-c cable, running Roon on the MacBook. When I play DSD files, it says hi quality playback, with dad to pcm conversion. Is this conversion necessary? as the DMP-z1 should support native dsd files… Do I have to setup anything else? Thanks!

“OS Mixer” at the end suggests you are not using exclusive mode direct to the DMP-Z1. I would check your device settings in Roon.

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Hi @Tony_Lee,

As @cwichura mentioned, you are using the OS mixer here which has a much lower bit-rate capability than the device’s native driver. I would try navigating to Roon Settings -> Audio and enable the native driver for the DAC. More information on how this works can be found in our Audio Basics Setup Guide.

Thank you!

Thanks I’ll try that.

I tried enabling the Exclusive mode but then I don’t hear anything, although Roon shows that it is playing.

I went to the Audio Midi Setup and toggle some settings then it started playing, but DSD Dop didn’t work. I plugged in my iPad Pro 12.9 and now everything works! I’ll just use it as my streamer then! Thanks for your help!

Hi @Tony_Lee,

Glad to hear you got the issue sorted out with the iPad, but I am a bit confused as to what you mean by using the iPad as a streamer. Do you have the iPad connected via a USB camera kit to the Sony DMP? If you’re happy with using the iPad as the in-between we can close this ticket out, although it does sound like something is going on for your direct Core -> Sony connection.

iPad is connected to the Sony directly with an usb-c cable, with Roon on, and I choose what to play with my iPhone or MacBook. It’s working this route and I think I’ll use it for now. Thank you. And yes, please go ahead and close the ticket, I rather listen to music than troubleshoot my computer :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Tony_Lee,

Closed the ticket for you, hope you enjoy the music!

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