Sony NW-ZX2 support

Any way I can use my Sony NW-ZX2 as an audio zone? It is an Android device.

With Squeezebox support and RoonSpeakers coming, I was hoping this could be done soon.

If you can load Android programs from the Play store then just install Roon from the Google Strore. Android devices can act as an endpoint. I have used Roon to play to my headphones with my Note 3, Note 4, Nexus 7, Samsung S2.

Roon does not appear in the store on the Sony. I do not know why.

It runs on my Galaxy Tab S2 and even can send audio to the S2. (I wish this work for my iPad.)

Android version 4.2.2
Kernel 3.0.31
Display 854x480 (FWVGA)

I found it in the store and it says “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”

Any chance on getting a version that would run?

The Sony player is amazing for music playback.

This would be very interesting.

Perhaps at CES we’ll see an announcement about a collaboration between Roon and one of the hand-held makers. I’d love that!

(I have a Pono and it’s a pathetic mess as a UX, regardless of how it sounds.)

Any chance we could have Roon run on this hardware?

This would be a killer app.

The NW-ZX2 sounds great, but I doubt it will ever get an update from Sony. I think it is stuck at 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Hi, any update on this? The Roon Android app still doesnt work on the version of android on NW-ZX2

Roon requires Android 4.4+ (5.0 recommended). I do not think that the devs are ever going to port the software to older Android OS’s.
If you device is running older Android software then the only answer is to update that device to a newer Android version.