Sony TV Built in Chromecast Display Crashes

New setup. Running Roon Core on Dell Laptop, Windows 10. Airplay to a Sony STR-DN1040 Receiver. Display is on a Sony XBR-65X850D with Built-In Chromecast. The display plays for a few minutes, then freezes and the TV reboots. Must manually start the Chromecast display again after reboot. No issues with TV when using the Receiver display which is text.

Does it do this when you Chromecast something else from the laptop to the TV, or is it just Roon Chromecasting that causes the crash?

I am on my second Sony Android TV and whilst Android is more stable than with the first TV (which was flakier than a flaky thing) it is still work in progress as far as Sony are concerned (IMHO).

I found that on my Sony TV (KD-43X8305C) I had to update Chromecast Built-in manually though the Play Store. It was running a quite old version, even though the TV was up to date via the regular update system.

It has been 100% stable since.


Thanks for this! I’ve never updated my Sony TV, now „displays“ is working great :+1:

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Hi @Judy_Allen,

So we can better assist you, please describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

As suggested by Rene above, can you please try updating Chromecast on the device and let us know if there is any change?

Hi Dylan,
This is Terry Deeb and I setup this system for Gail Allen (who has now changed her User name in Roon to Judy Allen). Her network is a Cable Modem with built in WiFi and the Sony TV with Built-in Chromecast is connected directly to the Cable Router. I attempted a firmware update for the TV, but the message said it was up to date. I went into the Chromecast app settings and there was an indication that an update was done yesterday. (Maybe using the Chromecast for the first time triggered the update). Chromecast worked without incident all day today, so I am hoping the update corrected the issue. Thank you.

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Thank you Tony, Rene and Mike for your input. This seems to have been corrected with a Chromecast update. @Anthony_Bates @mikeb


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