Sony WM1AM2 Roon Ready

Is the Sony WM1AM2 Roon Ready?

No Sony product is Roon Ready

I would like to install a Roon Remote and a Roon Arc App on a Sony WM1AM2. Will that combination work with a Roon Nucleus?

Well, you would need to find out what Android version Sony is using, to see if either of them will load.

And, even if you did, keep in mind, when playing to the headphone out will be limited to the 48khz because it will go through Android Audio stack. To get the higher output, you need to use ARC and USB out to a DAC.

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It is running Android 11 which is supported by Roon for the Roon Remote. ARC, which requires Android 9 so you are supported with Android 11, typically requires a mobile network when out of the home, but it may work on a remote WiFi network depending on that specific WiFi network’s configuration and security settings.

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