Sorry, little question about covers in Logitech Touch


I have made little searching and I think my question is not placed / solved

If it is so, so sorry and thank you for pointing me to the right link :slight_smile:

I have no issues with “now playing” screen at all (as I have read many had suffered in the past) so I can see for sure the info I want from the many options from Touch “Now Playing” display settings


The cover is larger than the screen, which I am pretty sure under Logitech Media Server was not happening (square covers appeared taking all the height of the screen and two black areas aside the cover)

I understand this is because now is taking the whole length so, top and bottom part of the cover goes out of sight

May it be fixed or simply we must get used to? (sometimes it look cool, I think :thinking:)

You pretty much summed things up with respect to Roon and any Squeezebox device - it is what it is and is not going to change. Just be thankful that the Touch “now playing” display even shows the cover art.

I don’t really fault the Roon Team for not spending any time trying to fix up what is, in the case of squeezebox devices, essentially dead tech.

it’s been a while since I used a touch with Roon, but I don’t recall seeing this behavior when I did. artwork and track info always displayed correctly. what settings are you using in the Roon device setup section (show advanced, also)?

I may dig mine out of the drawer and fire it up to see if I can replicate.

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Thank you

Now looks like this

Song, artist, album

Full cover

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Yes, is dead technology but still works

Now I am listening to MQA files from Tidal by an usb DAC

Quite impressive, for me.

Your icon is a superb Logitech Transporter :smile:

You sure have not that buried the Logitech Touch

I have always wanted one, from early times with my files onto a hard drive

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Have you found the moment to dig it out and make any test, friend?

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not yet; maybe this weekend.

just checked, and I see the same behavior. there’s the thumbnail view, with text, but if I click the cover art, I get a “full screen” view that is cropped, similar to yours.

clicking the image again takes me back to the thumbnail.

I don’t see a way to change this.


Thank you for the effort

We will keep on the display cover plus info

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