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Sort albums direction does not work. I like to have the newest album on top but this is not possible anymore since some time. I have the latest 1.8 795 version on all devices. But this problem is already a few versions old, I hoped it would have been solved by now. Hope you fix it soon.

Thanks in advance,

Hey @M_v.d_Vathorst, we need more information – can you share a screenshot that demonstrates the issue? In the album browser, you can sort by date added or release date, which one do you have selected?

Tap the arrow icon itself, not the word “date”. Does that work for you?

Ok, wow. You should change that, how am i supposed to see that?
But thanks, it works for me now.



No worries! Glad that’s all sorted now, I’ll take your feedback about the UX here to the product team.

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