Sort Order for Multiple Versions of an Album?

I’m using Nick’s method for handling individual albums from a box set here:

It works great right up to the point where I click on the Other Versions buttons and “open” the box set.

When I do that, the discs are not sorted by disc number, even though their containing folder names start with CDn (where n = disc number) and their ID3 tags have the disc number/total discs fields populated correctly.

The Main Album Folder:

The individual disc folders:

The sorting in Roon:

I’ve tried changing the sort order by making each album primary in turn, but I still got jumbled results.

So my question is: How does Roon sort multiple versions of an album, and is there any way to override that sorting behavior?

Bump. Not even any guesses? :slight_smile:

I understand what you guys are going for, but this screen wasn’t designed for grouping box sets – it’s about grouping various versions of the same album, so the design reflects that use case.

Because the goal here is giving you an overview of a single album’s various editions, I believe the sorting here is by quality, with the highest resolution edition at the top.

Thanks for the info, Mike.

I’ve “liked” several posts in the threads that deal with better box set handling. Hopefully those feature requests will stay near the top of Roon’s metadata handling to do list.