Sort playlists by TIDAL vs. Library

(G_Man) #1

Currently, I cannot sort playlists on whether they are from TIDAL or from my library, and unfortunately I have too many library playlists.

To find a TIDAL playlist is super painful.

(Dan Mason) #2

Yes, great idea!

(Daniel Beyer) #3

Out of curiosity, how many playlists do you have?

(G_Man) #4

360 playlists. Out of those maybe 20-30 TIDAL playlists intermixed with the rest.

You can see how this is not fun to page down or scroll.

(G_Man) #5


Alternatively, why not have a search function at the Playlist Screen? So I can find a Playlist by name real fast?


(Daniel Beyer) #6

As an aside, if you are in the playlists screen, you can use the filter option up in the top right to filter to part of a name. So if you put Tidal in the name of those playlists, then you can quickly filter to them.

I think some extra playlist meta data would be great. Like created date, last played date, etc. All searchable.

Alternatively, you can add Tags to playlists, when you find those Tidal playlists, add a Tag to them called Tidal Playlists. Then you can just go to the Tag screen and get them all by clicking the tag.

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(Daniel Beyer) #7

Also, I am not a dev or Roon employee, just a long time user. :smiley:

But, I agree playlists and playlist management can use some love.

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(G_Man) #8

Those are excellent tips, Daniel! The filter is exactly like a search, awesome!

And yeah, I was assuming you work for Roon. :grinning:

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