Sorting according to Opus etc numbers in classical music

I did a search for Schubert. Selected the composer from the results and was delighted to see that I could sort the resulting list both according to the modern D(eutsch) numbers and the 19th century Opus numbers. The “Sort by Catalogue: Opus” works fine, but when I switch to “Sort by Catalogue: D”, I still get the the Opus sort and not the D number sort. Any suggestions?

Sounds like a bug. It certainly used to work. I’ll check when I’m home.

Thanks. Actually my results are completely haphazard. When I now sort on Catalogue: D it works, when I then switch to Opus, the Opus numbers are irregular. Really strange.

D. works perfectly for me, as far as I can see.

Opus appears not to work at all for Schubert. It’s irregular because it’s still following the D. order.

That’s what I’m seeing anyway.

Mmm, same here. Earlier, however, the Opus number were in order and the D were not. Weird.

How many works do you have?
Are all Album identified, or none, or mixed?
Do you edit track titles? If so how and where?

I am still struggling a lot with Roon and was getting some really strange results, so I actually reinstalled and had it read the library afresh (I am using my own tags for album, composer, artist and title) and my library is organised not according to albums but according to Composer > Type of work (Symphony, Chamber etc) > Specific work > Performing artist. [I realise this is not optimal for Roon and I am experimenting with alterantives at the moment]

After the library was rebuilt, I selected Schubert as composer. Then tried to Sort. The 'Sort by Catalogue: D" option is now gone (perhaps it takes time to collect this info?), but the “Sort by Catalogue: Opus” is there and gives me a (limited) list that appears to follow the Opus numbers, followed by D works without Opus number (not sorted).

Roon shows 168 different works by Schubert. Album titles are tagged consistently.

OK, so I can see now at least part of the problem. By having a library which is organised contrary to Roon’s expectations (and contrary to the structure of the metadata in the world), you are destined to have virtually no identified albums. This will make Roon’s work very hard. It seems you know this, but perhaps this problem of sorting will show how deep the issues may be.

((Aside: organising my library files by work, rather than album, is not something which ever occurred to me, but actually my Dad does the same. (He decided Roon didn’t work for him, as a result.)))

Roon sorts catalogue numbers not just on text, but also on fields it gets from its metadata providers, and those fields are only available for identified albums, which you don’t have. So Roon is just digging for catalogue numbers in the “Track Title” text field (or WORK/PART if you’re lucky.) The catalogue numbers sourced from that text are integrated within the main fields well, but it’s possible to trip up the system. By using only catalogue numbers sourced from a chunk of text, you are setting yourself up for fragile sorting, I fear.

In fact, and probably coincidentally, I do see a problem with Schubert’s sorting in my (almost entirely identified) library. I think it’s worth @support taking a look at that, but I believe your main problem is your almost entirely unidentified library. (@ support the case of Schubert’s opus numbers being important despite being secondary is mentioned in Redmine #8117.)

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply. A few days have passed since I wrote this note and I have now passed on after I found a reasonably elegant (and fully automatic) way to “put humpty dumpty together again” and reassemble all my classical CDs under their CD titles (I used dbPowerAmp). This took 10 hours but worked. I have now set up Roon to use a new Classical folder organised according to CDs, whereas Sonos still has access to the old folder organised in the way I explained before. I am glad to say the Schubert box now appears as one entry and the tracks are in proper order, and the same applies to all my other classical CDs, so I am quite pleased. However, I still have to learn how to find answers to one of the most common questions I ask myself when it comes to listening to classical music:

  1. This piece of classical music (say Impromptu D899 by Schubert) is great, what other versions of the same piece have I got? Or alternatively, I would like to play this version but only want to make an informed choice after I see what versions I have.

In a case like this I am not sure what search strategy will guarantee that I actually find all versions that I have (some 17 in the case of D899). In Sonos I use the “folders” option, which will let me navigate the folder/file structure of my classical music, so I go to Classical > Schubert > Piano solo > D899 and take my pick from the 17 choices offered there. When I do that I know for sure that I have not missed any performance. I am not sure how to do this in Roon and I suspect it may not be possible. What do you think?

In the album view, click on “24 performances” under the track name and you will be taken to a chronological list of all the performances of that work in your library. The list can be filtered so you can narrow the band of names.

Good idea! I just tried it and it looks as if I have two more D899 Impromptus than I thought.:grinning:

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