Sorting Weirdness [Investigating]

I have one album, just one, that refuses to sort with other albums by the same artist. As you see by the image, one Duke Ellington album apparently sorts by Duke while the others sort by Ellington like they’re supposed to. I only have one artist listing for Duke Ellington in my library and no other album by any other artist does this.

It doesn’t matter if I use Roon data for the artist or if I force it to use local tags.

Is it possible you have two listings for Duke Ellington as Primary Artist, one with the Name Sort value as Ellington, Duke and one with the Name Sort value as Duke Ellington?

No. Only one Duke Ellington (plus Duke Ellington and His Orchestra), but both are set to sort correctly.

Maybe show screenshots of the editable data from that album. Someone may spot something amiss.

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Here are the artist related fields from the album.

What is the Last/First name sort order of your Duke Ellington & His Orchestra artist?
And what is the Roon version you are using?

I recently reported an issue in the earlyaccess version where some artists with a manual Last/First sort order (such as “Ellington, Duke and his Orchestra”) were correctly sorted in the artist browser (in E in this case like in your screenshot), but the sort order was ignored in the album browser and such an artist’s albums would be sorted under D. This looks very much like the problem you are seeing.

This was fixed in the lastest earlyaccess version, but maybe the issue was not limited to earlyaccess but also affected production releases - and the fixed version is not yet in production.

This was my report:

The Last/First order for Duke Ellington & His Orchestra is set as “Ellington, Duke Orchestra”

I’m using Build 1244.

Then maybe it’s the same issue and may have affected also production releases (build 1244 is current). Should be gone with the next update in this case, as it was fixed (as far as I can tell and could confirm for the artists that I reported) in earlyaccess build 1246

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Yeah, I added this album (using the fixed build) and set the artist to sort the same as yours:

And there you go, album browser:


This bug did affect the production version (it affected me) but it was quickly fixed. I’m sorry, I don’t know the versions affected, but the current production version (1244) should not have the bug.

Was that recently or longer ago? It seemed to have occurred above for Paul, and at least the EA version of such an error was fixed in 1247, which is not yet in production. And I can’t reproduce Paul’s problem with my EA version, FWIW

Maybe there’s a new version of the problem? Can you try with the Ellington Orchestra?]

Okay, I added the album in question from Qobuz and without any edits it showed up in the "D"s under Duke Ellington. I changed the Album Artist to “Ellington, Duke” and it moved to the "E"s with the rest of my Duke Ellington albums. No sort problems as long as the metadata is set up correctly.

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Then I have no idea why that didn’t work for @Paul_McElligott, I don’t see anything being different for him than what you have

At this point, I’m just going to wait for the next server update and see what happens. If that doesn’t change anything, I’ll try deleting the album and adding it again.

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Probably best. When I reported the issue in EA, some albums sorted correctly, so there might be some hidden factors as well.


Server update applied. Currently at 1259. No change in behavior. Still sorted by Duke, not Ellington.

Deleted the album in question and copied it back to the server. No change in behavior.

Deleted the album in question, ran a library cleanup, then copied it back to the server. No change.

Deleted the album, restarted the server before copying it back. No change.

Deleted the album, rebooted the core before copying it back. No change.

Look, as long as all my music plays, and this is the only album affected, I can live with it, but it seems like a strange thing to go wrong when everything else works.

Ah I know - seems to be the non-default album artist you have set on the Newport album. With that set to Duke Ellington (and even if I have “Duke Ellington” separately in the library and configured to sort by “Ellington, Duke”, which is its default)


and back where it should be:

Seems to make no difference which name I use, Roon or from the file. Also, I’ve found a few more albums that refuse to behave, some John Mellencamp albums that sort by John rather than Mellencamp.

Hmm, as it clearly has an effect on me, I am now officially out of ideas and I guess we have to wait for @ivan

Call this a partial solution (maybe).

  1. I deleted the albums.
  2. I changed the library import settings to “prefer Roon” for both Album Title and Album Artist.
  3. I copied the albums back to the core.

This fixed Duke Ellington and one of the John Mellencamp albums. It’s worth mentioning that the problematic Mellencamp albums were under the names “John Cougar” or “John Cougar Mellencamp.” Now John Cougar is behaving himself, but John Cougar Mellencamp is still being a pain. I only have one “John Mellencamp” entry on the artists list, and all the albums show up correctly under that one artist.

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