SoTM 200 Ultra update, product is displayed as uncertified

Hello, before shipping the next update out have a look on the last SoTM 200 Ultra update, for some motive make the product be uncertified.


That’s a SoTM request surely? It’s their update.

Maybe the SOtM ‘‘IS’’ certified for the ““Next”” Roon release.


Displaying a device’s certification status is now a server side function, and thus can be updated “on the fly” … so no need to wait for a future Roon builds.

As for why this device is not listed as certified, let’s see what Roon staff can added.

It appears to be working, and the SMS 200 Ultra is Roon Ready, could be something related with the SOTM or Roon.

As it is working it does not affect I think the sound, and I noticed only after updating the SOTM today that appeared uncertified and was something I never saw before.

Thanks for your reply’s.

Latest SOTM update corrected the issue.