SOtM -> Singxer SU2

Hi all,

I currently have Roon playing through an SOTM which feeds a Singxer SU2 and then on to a Denafrips Ares II.

Which of the following should I be using, in people’s opinion?

I don’t see any advantages in using the singer, but in your configuration you’ve to set to DOP and you’ll limited to DSD64.
With a direct connection via USB to your DAC, you can try native or native/DOP and let Roon upsampling up to DSD1024.
If you’ve no sound, try a kernel update for the Neo and/or set back to DOP.

thank you, however if it is included in the chain, could anyone advise of the preferred setting please.

EDIT: DOP as @Burkhardt_Petermann suggested

Thank you.

But the output of the Singxer will not support over SPDIF native DSD and so you’ll hear nothing than silence…
For a direct connection to the DAC through USB, the neo (the used kernel) must support the dac (I’m using therefore two DACs from topping without problems) for native DSD. Otherwise you’ve also set it to DOP.

You are right, my mistake. I though the Ares II had an I2S input, but that starts at the Pontus and not the Ares. Thanks for catching my mistake! :slightly_smiling_face:

Well it’s connected via coax and set to NATIVE and works a treat!

I bought the Singxer as I’m upgrading to Pontus II and will then be using the I2S.

Thanks both.