SOtM sMS-200 problems

As a freelance journalist in audio I am testing the new SOtM sMS-200. All is working wel, although the starting time of DSD-files is rather slow. Last Spring I tested the Merging Technology NADAC and I didn’t encounter a starting time so fast, although at that time there was an issue with some plops. Anyway,is there a way to improve that starting time.
Configuration: Windows 8.1, RAM16GB, dedicated Asus audio laptop and network, QNAP 231 NAS

What is the firmware version in your SMS-200?

How long does it take from initial start to full readiness?

I have an SMS-100, and it is very slow at startup - takes several minutes to be found in the network and then even longer to be fully operational.

Do the instructions that came with the unit say anything about the expected startup time?

The latest I have last week updated the system.

Next to de new sMS-200 I am using a sMS-100 with JRiver. Although starting up is not the fastest lane, but in a minute I have music. No the instructions don’t say anything about the expected starting time. With normal flac files it wasn’t an issue only with dsd files

I don’t have the same problem running DSD on SMS-200 but I am using a different DAC and Roon is running in a Linux server so I don’t know if that makes all the difference.