Sotm sms 200 + Samsung SSD drive folder is empty

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Mac Os Mojave/ SOtM Sms-200/ Samsung T5 SSD 1TB (portable ssd usb drive)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

macbook ( mojave) ->wifi ->linksys routeur-> Sotm sms-200 -> 1 TB samsung SSD usb drive

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Sotm sms200 + sps 500 power supply

Description Of Issue


So I’ve bought a sms-200 + sps 500 and the problem is I can’t reach my Samsung SSD T5 1TB

I tried with roon ,(but also tried Logitech M server, etc… Sometime I can see it but folder is empty.

Do I have to format the disk ? Do you have special recommandations to make it appear

Do I have to set it up in the software (auto USB detect enabled is checked) ?

Could you please help me so I can finally hear a sound from my new streamer

I thank you very much for your support. I wish you to have a great day

Hi @Xavier_Guerra,

How is the drive currently formatted?

If you connect to the drive over the network via Finder does everything appear okay?

If you connect the drive via USB directly to the Core machine are you able to see the content on the drive?

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Thank You Dylan for your prompt response.

  • I dont know how to see this. But I think I’ve not formatted the first

Samsung user manual: " T5 is pre-formatted in using exFAT file system
which is supported by Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android operating systems"
should I format again ?

  • NO I’ve tried to see in finder and a a “red forbidden signal” is on the
    USB folder I unockeck it but it didn’t changed

  • Actually when i plug the sdd into the mac there is a menu opening with a
    password I unchecked it. But you’re actually right… i should have check
    with roon direct plugged in the macbook.

I will try it but i found very hard to find HDD recommandations for
streamers ( like SMS-200) on the internet.

Trust me your support is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Have a great day

Hi @Xavier_Guerra,

Can you please upload a screenshot of what you’re seeing when you connect the HDD directly to your Core? You can upload screenshots here by using these instructions.

As far as I can tell, the SMS-200 is only intended for Audio devices to connect to it via USB, I don’t see any mention that it supports hard drives on their product page.

You mentioned that sometimes this works and sometimes it does not? Have you been able to access the HDD drive via Finder when connected to the SMS and add content to it?

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FWIW, from the SMS-200 Eunhasa manual -

" * Automatic USB storage mount : Enable or disable the USB storage device, up to 2 USB storage devices can be used.

  • Check ‘Automatic USB storage mount’ to be enabled. The USB storage device will be auto-recognized and assign the music folder on Logitech Media Server or MPD as appearing USB1 or USB2 folder."

Seems like it might not work with Roon.

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@xxx and @noris thank you for your answers.

I had an answer this morning from SOtM technic support and you 're both right; So to make it short:

  • USB support 2 HDD you can use only with MPD/ DLNA and Logitech media Server.
  • With Roon I have to use an external server with usb.

This is not what I expected because my mac begin to heat a lot when I send music with roon ( maybe it is beacause I tried with wifi + it is an old macbook pro) and I beguan my 60 days to try roon and I will not be able to enjoy it totally. Roon is probably the best GUI I’ve ever see. I’am 40 years old and I love the way the see the metadata from the box leaflet/paper génération into digital.

But i think i’ll try to get a nuc as I can build /configure it myself and save some money for the Roon membership.

As my problem is now to fix the sdd unseen by LMS ( format etc…not had the time to do it yet cause long transfer to do before erase data) I think it is not the right place to discuss it but more with a LMS forum or SOtM.

You can trust me to come back and tell you the end of story as I really appreciated your help.

I’m still open to hear your Roon solution core wich is not a macbook or a 1300/2000 Roon nucleus thing ( certainly fantasstic for the money but totally out of my budget).

Thank you all and please excuse my english as I am belgian

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Many people use an Intel NUC.

You probably don’t have Amazon in Belgium, but here’s an example -

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We actually have Amazon in France who ship in Belgium for free ( for order + 25EUR) thank you for the link !

Hi @Xavier_Guerra,

I second trying out a NUC with Roon. We have a great guide on how to get started with ROCK on our Knowledge Base and you can look over the compatible hardware here.

Do note, once you install ROCK on the NUC it’s only function would be to run Roon and no other apps. You can also install Windows if you so choose, but we have consistently seen ROCK provide the best experience for running Roon.

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Promises are made to be kept !

So I come back and tell you the end or a conclusion to this issue.

I format my SDD SAMSUNG T5 in ex32fat and this solved the issue in Logitech Media Server. I can see now the whole CD collection.

What I can say from the first listening with the SOtM ( I will be short as it isn’t relevant for topic here)
is I’am really impressed. Everything is clearer, tighter and with more space with my Denon D7000 + Graham Slee Solo Ultra linear headphone amp.

So what I’ve learned is SOTM (sms-200) connected to USB drive is exclusively dedicated for LMS and MDP. I’m moving away from my goal to use ROON but this is not over I’ll be back with a NUC server and some CAT6/7 ehternet cables and dream about a Roon ROCK server.

I would thank all of you for your help with a special thanks to May from technical support from SOtM who provided a first class support. I think i’m going to open a new topic to learn more about the ideal distance (and type of cable) between the core side and the audio side.

Have a nice day.


Agreed, May has been great every time I’ve corresponded with her.

NUCs are cheap, don’t rule out Roon.

Distance doesn’t matter and you don’t need CAT7 cable for Roon, but when you open another post people will chime in with their beleifs.



Thanks for the update here @Xavier_Guerra! Once you have the NUC up and running do let us know if we can be of further help, hope you have a great day!

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Thank you @noris. I’ll be back to Roon in a month with a NUC as I 'd like to enjoy and test Roon with the free period membership. The support and community here is very impressing. So this is a good reason to stick with Roon even before using it. :blush:

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