SOtM sMS-200 Ultra Neo does not autostart Roon Ready service anymore

My SOtM sMS-200 Ultra Neo does not autostart the “Roon Ready” service anymore.

After powering up the sMS-200 I have to go into Eunhasu and restart it, although it shows the service to be running. Only after this manual restart of the service the device shows up in Roon.

I turn off the sMS-200 and my PC when not listening to music as I’d like to avoid leaving it powered on 24/7. Especially as the autostart of Roon Ready worked many months flawlessly and this new “behavior” seems like a bug to me. Maybe this changed after the latest update of the SOtM firmware (0.5.2) which I did a few weeks ago.

Roon also seems to lose connection to the SOtM when idling for some time, which is also new. But I have to carefully watch that in order to be sure.

Anyone has the same problem?

Hi, I have the problem you described with the HQPlayer NAA service not starting after power-up. I have to start it manually each time I turn it on. Historically it has worked on the ROON service but I upgraded to 0.5.2 as I swapped from ROON to NAA so I can’t tell if it was the upgrade or a problem with the NAA service. I can say its very annoying on something it supposed to be a premium product.

Unfortunately I can’t remember if I got this fixed.

I upgraded to a Sonore OpticalRendu which just works as expected and sounds better. I think this is due partly to optical fiber instead of copper ethernet but I also think the OpticalRendu is the better sounding streamer.