Sotm sMS-200ultra concerns

Am thinking about buy this endpoint. Question will it work with a Ayre QB-9? The QB-9 (DSD) is now running off off of a i5 PC just fine.

Any opinions about what power supply is best? sbooster or sps-500 ???

The SBooster (Linear)definitely sounds much better than the sPS-500 (tuned Switch Mode). The better the PSU, the better the sound.
I’ve heard that the Paul Haynes LPSUs give even better results.

Paul Haynes is out of business

I think he’d be surprised to hear that, unless things have changed in the past couple of months…I understand thst he is retired but still producing batches of PSUs each month. You put your name on the list and book a PSU in the next batch where 1 is available - can take a few months.

This is my source…

I understand but after reading reviews and tech specs I can’t get closer then Ultra Neo needing 2 amps…no voltage specified so I have no idea what voltage LSP to purchase for it.

Yeah, I think that company closed but he is still trading in a reduced fashion.

Paul closed the company he had with his companion but still builds PSU in his own company, he builds ten SR4 PSU each month.

I have two SR4 PSU in my system driving SOtM sMS-200ultra Neo and tX-USBultra.

The sMS-200Ultra is standard 9V (can be changed to others) and draws around 0,5-0,6A.

If you look at SOtM webpage all info is there.

External power input
Input voltage : 9Vdc(Optional 12Vdc or Optional 6.5Vdc ~ 8.5Vdc)
Input current : 2A max
5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID adaptor jack