Soulution 330 Integrated with DAC - Now Roon Ready

The Soulution 330 integrated with DAC card firmware version 3.5rc is now Roon Ready. Working great!



I have soulution 330 with HD dac version.

I cannot the firmware file anywhere.

Would you tell me where I can get the firmware?

Thank you.

Hi, suggest you enquire via your dealer, or directly to soulution in Switzerland - Manfred. Good luck.


Good news! I have same 330 with DAC and FW rc 3.5 but I get two entries in the Roon setup Audio section. One is under Roon Ready called “Engineered SA eR-MOD” but mentions “uncertified” and doesn’t work. The other is under “Other Network Devices” and supports only AirPlay called “Soulution 330 DAC (Apple Airport Express)”. AirPlay does not allow pure DSD to the DAC and uses Roon to convert to PCM first, which is not desired.

May I ask how you managed to set it up?

Thank you in advance.

I contacted Cyrill Hammer concerning this question, and this was his reply:

“ The 330 DAC card does not support the RAAT protocol required for the connection to roon via network. However the USB interface works flawless with roon and does also sound great.”

I am very confused! My 330 shows up on Roon as Wattson Emerson. Wattson Audio is a Swiss company that makes various digital products including the Emerson which is a Roon Ready network bridge. I can only assume that soulution has fitted hardware from Wattson as part of its DAC card. I don’t understand why soulution doesn’t acknowledge that.