Sound crackling and dropping out Bluesound node only using Roon

Just thought that I would mention that I have just recently had a similar problem using Roon with my Node 2i after updating to Roon 2.0. I was getting the occasional annoying clicking and gurgling sound. I did a full reset of the Node2i and so far the problem has been totally fixed and all is back to normal!

My frustration with Bluesound and Roon is that clearly:
Bluesound is NOT Roon Ready and should not have been endorsed by ROON
They have had more than long enough to fix the USB implementation software of this product.
I have opened several tickets, which they respond to with an inadequate answer and mark the query with a “Now Closed” marker. So I have to open another and then another.
I for one can’t wait to replace my N130. I am just waiting on Michael Kelly to finish his “Mercury V2” product that I have pre-ordered.
Then it’s GOOD RIDDANCE to this POS streamer.

I am another person with the Roon & Node 130 USB crackling issues. Don’t even try to blame it on my network as I easily stream 4K HDR X265 wirelessly and the N130 is hard wired. More issue with MQA but occurs with non MQA on occasions.

Setup is:

Roon Server on Intel i9 Windows with 16Gb of RAM dedicated to ROON. CPU usage is barely 10-20% …
Music and Video files are located on a Synology NAS with an 2 times aggregated CAT 5e through managed switches.
Node 130 USB feed to a Parasound Hint 6 ESS DAC.

Use BluOS and no issues. Use Roon and issues. Have Roon feeding Oppo 203 and NO ISSUES.

Dear Roon either drop Blusound’s Roon certification OR fix the issues.

It really is a “The Chicken or The Egg” situation here Andrew.
Ultimately whose responsible for the USB implementation Roon or Bluesound
I agree it’s terribly frustrating. I’ve decided to use a Supra Coax, until my Mercury Streamer V2 arrives.
I have all the faith in the world, that Michael Kelly’s hardware will work flawlessly, whether it’s Roon certified or not

Unfortunately, I also seem to have the issue with a optical cable connection yet with less occurrence.

What’s so frustrating is the inconsistency. A song may have an issue then no others in the album. Doesn’t seem to be consistently a specific sample rate nor file type.

I’m a professional sound engineer with over 30 years of experience. Large scale concerts to television. Never in my life have I had such difficulty in determining why a problem is occuring and at least finding a work around.

Next idea is to try a coaxial connection.

Just a heads up that a Firmware update dropped for Node 130.

Firmware 3.20.25

No change so far. One song in and static using USB.

So this may explain the intermittent crackling I’ve heard with two different Node 3’s, wifi from Roon on Macbook connected to router%. Exceedingly frustrating to deal with Roon.

Hi all. FYI. I had the same problem of static last months when playing Roon on my Node2i (OS up to date) and strangely enough no static issue with Roon played on my Node2 (OS up to date) on the same network, I have several outputs. I’ve made a factory reset of the Node2i and the problem was solved up to now.
Jean-Marie, Bordeaux, France.

I don’t think the problem is limited to USB. With the Node 2i (and possibly the Node 2), I have had the crackling with an Ethernet connection when using Roon. The solution that has worked for me is to have BluOS rebuild my music collection. Once I do, the crackling with Roon has stopped.

Just got a Bluesound Node N130 yesterday and noticed I was getting popping and crackling when using with Roon and USB, and particularly prominent using my local files.
Just came across this thread and glad to see it’s seemingly not something I’ve done wrong :grinning: As the original poster noted I find that the issue is not present when using the Bluos software as opposed to Roon.
I notice that @Andrew_Stein seems to have resolved the Roon issue in his setup. I’ve not had a chance to fully acquaint myself with the Node yet and not sure what is meant by getting “Bluos to rebuild music collection”, any pointers would be welcome, thanks.

Hi. Sorry to hear you are having those issues. I was less than precise, but I believe this post described better what has worked for me:

Essentially, I deleted the Library/Network Share in BluOS and reestablished it. I believe that I then ran Reindex music collection from Settings. After performing those functions, I got rid of the snap, crackle, pop. They did resurface months later, but rinse and repeat solved the problem. I suspect that the issue will keep cropping up, requiring a repeat of the cycle. Beware that, when you perform those functions, you might lose data from your Bluesound library, but I don’t believe it affects Roon data, which you can back up separately from Roon.

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Hi Andrew, thanks for posting.
When I first noticed the issue I did not have a Library/Network Share set up in Bluos, was just using the Node in Roon to play back some local files from a USB Drive attached to my Roon Core.
Done a bit digging about online today and it seems this issue is well reported on other forums and not just on here, and Bluesound tech staff seem unable to fix the issue in most cases - I did see one guy who managed to fix by enabling “Output Level Fixed” on the Node but that didn’t work for me. I also did a factory reset, still no joy.

I also have problems with my bluesound node that I have connected to my denafrips pontus 2 via usb. Crackles and pops can be heard from time to time. When I don’t play via Roon but directly via Qobuz I don’t have this problem.
Does anyone have a solution? Who does the bluesound node run via USB (with roon)?

FWIW…If anyone is still looking at this.

I went through this whole thing a couple of years back. Incessant stutter. Playing thru Bluesound Node - So why is this happening?

After a ton of tinkering, and with a lot of community help, I concluded it was a problem with where Bluesound and wifi meet. The fix was to get a RaspberryPI and use that as the wifi interface for the Node.