Sound crackling and dropping out Bluesound node only using Roon

My sound crackles and drops out from all sources home library, tidal when playing through Roon. If I play all sources through the bluesound node software, everything is perfect.

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This has cropped up a few times of late, silly question maybe but is your Bluesound firmware up to date?

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Wireless or wired?

Yes, all software is up to date. I have shutdown and rebooted everything. The Bluesound unit is hardwired and connected to a MacMini core. Also, as I mentioned it plays flawlessly using the Bluesound OS. This only happens playing through Roon.

Thank you

Mike I think I remember a post where the problem was acknowledged by Bluesound. I think this might have been a couple of weeks ago.

Maybe @noris can confirm that or not :roll_eyes:

(Then again I might have imagined that)

The node 2 had been plagued with drop outs since it release

Have you tried performing a hard reset of the Bluesound Node? Someone else had this problem over the past two weeks and this helped with a Node 2 (older but it seems to help when Bluesound devices start crackling).

I have not. Hard reset wipes everything, including your library information and network connection. There have also been other who said that did not work.

This sure seem like a Roon issue, not a Bluesound issue. Sound and performance has been flawless for me. It still plays both Tidal and my library today with no issues. However, when I play it through Roon it sound terrible, it crackles and drops out.

I have seen post regarding this going back to years, yet I have never seen a response from Roon. Just the suggestion from members who have tried the hard reset. Some it worked and other it didn’t.

This possibly?

Have you inquired of Bluesound for any confirmation?

Hi, Robert,
Is it possible to re-open a support ticket? I had reported that I bought a new Eero (6+) router (3 pack), and then a new Bluesound Node (v.3). For a while it seemed the problem was solved. But the crackling and dropouts have returned – again, only when using Roon, not using Tidal or Qobuz from within BluOS.

I’m wondering if I have some setting wrong within Roon. Is it possible to get a Roon support person on the phone to walk through all the applicable settings? I can read about the settings on the web site, but that doesn’t tell me what settings are best for my set-up.


A solution for this problem may be found here: There's an unexpected randomly static noise keeps happens when I use NAD T778 + ROON - #19 by stefan.tiso

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Lawrence, it may be worth trying what @Otto_Wilhelm recommended, but not sure if that will work. If it does not work, I recommend opening a new forum post under Support. Roon does not have phone support, only through this forum.

Good news! I deleted my Library/Network Share in BluOS and listened to Roon. Clean sound; no breakup or crackling. So then I rebuilt my Library in BluOS. And the sound remains rock solid. Wow, I would never have thought that the library in BluOS could affect the sound quality through Roon. But there it is. I’ve been listening for a couple of hours. No break up. Thank you, Otto_Wilhelm and Robert_F.

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Thanks for that feedback, I guess I’m still a little apprehensive deleting or resetting when the same issue occurs with Tidal, which has nothing to do with the library.

As for creating a support request, I guess I thought that is what I was doing when I originally sent this out.

Thanks for everyone’s responses

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I think that this is a crazy bug of BlueOS which has nothing to do with the library and Roon as such and concerns also Tidal streamed via Roon. Try it and you will see …

I’m glad I’m not the only one but it sucks.
Tried the solution linked above
Tried an unmanaged Switch
Upgraded RAM in my core machine
Tried Wired and Wireless
Put a Ropieee in place last night with no issue which basically highlights that the problem is with the Node (N130)

I’ve had the same issue for the last several months. Bluesound support basically washed their hands of the issue and said the problem is with Roon. The only fix I’ve been able to come up with is I noticed the crackling noise only happens when my Node is connected via USB. If it’s connected through coax, optical or RCA then the crackling goes away. My guess is there’s an issue with the Node’s USB port. I’m hoping a firmware update/fix will be made available soon, but since they refuse to acknowledge there’s a problem I’m not going to hold my breath.

By most accounts this does appear to a Bluesound problem on their USB implementation.
Hopefully this is something that they can and will fix in the near future but as it has been present for several months who knows.
A real shame as the Bluesound units make great relatively cheap Roon pathways.

I removed the network shares/library from my Node 2i and now it works without this crackling and popping (Roon user here, old BluOS library is surplus to requirements). I wonder what processing is happening with the library in the background that causes this issue… or perhaps it takes up too much memory causing Node to struggle.

FWIW, my Node is connected via network cable to my switch through to the NUC containing ROCK.


Hey, glad you brought up this issue, I have the same problem. I have an Innous Zen MK3 as my Roon core and a Bluesound Node 2021 as a streamer for my headphone rig and I diffidently hear the popping and cracking sounds as well when playing files through the Roon software.