Sound level on iPhone max after using Roon

Description of Issue

There was a release in the past, where a feature was added to be able to control the playback level of Roon, via the physical sound volume controls on your iPhone.

Since this release, every time I use Roon (not sure exactly what step is needed to replicate, because this does not happen 100% of the time, but 95%), the sound level on the iPhone is always set to max. It is is infuriating! I usually have the sound level on my phone close to zero, and now it is often blasting at full setting.

What setting do I have to change in Roon to completely remove this behaviour and go back to how it was before?

Worse is this happens even if I can’t control the playback level of Roon via the iPhone (I believe I disabled it early).

I am sure it is just me being thick in the head, but I need some guidance on how to navigate away from this unwanted configuration.

Same here on my iPad and iPhone. Although I can’t replicate it and it does not always happen.

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