Sound out of sync [Solved: Adjust Zone Grouping Delay]

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus Rev B

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Draytek Vigor 2133 / Ethernet / Netgear 1 Gb switch

Connected Audio Devices

  1. Nucleus USB to iFi Zen 2) Optical to Argon Zero

Library Size


Description of Issue

I have two connecting rooms in which I often play Live Radio (FIP) via Roon.
Room 1 has the Nucleus connected to Ifi Zen dac via USB and then to amp1 (control via Win10).
Room 2 has Win10 machine (on ethernet switch) connected to Argon Zero dac via Toslink and then to amp2.

When In room 1 I add room 2 in the group, the sound in room 2 comes slightly sooner than in room 1
When In room 2 I add room 1 in the group, the sound in room 2 also comes slightly sooner than in room 1.

If I don’t make a group and start FIP in both rooms, room 1 is ‘faster’ than room 2 (half a second or so).

This is not really a problem, as I simply up the volume a bit in the room where I happen to be in (my main audio system is elsewhere in the house, anyway), but I was just wondering. In a grouped situation, I would have expected the more ‘direct’ connection in room 1 to be faster than the one going through a router and then a switch. I guess Roon cannot synchronize multiple rooms due to diifferences in third-party hardware. What would make the most difference? The DACs or the connection type?

You can then adjust the Zone grouping delay on the other to get them closer. This is all in the advances settings for each device.

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That’s great! Thanks, I keep learning new stuff about Roon…
I’ll tinker with it.

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