Sound output stops on AirPlay device

When playing music on my Klimax DS the sound stops at irregular intervals. Sometimes halfway into a song, sometimes after three or four songs. When I check the Roon display it shows the song still progressing but no sound is heard on the system. When I then stop and restart playback the sound comes back until the next stoppage. The sound stoppage happens both with Tidal and locally stored files.

I use RoonServer and Roon on the same MacMini (running Bootcamp and Windows 10) to manage playback. The Music library sits on a Synology NAS. The system is connected over Ethernet.

I also use JRiver on the same MacMini to both play music and movies where I experience no such problems.

Hello @PSS2P,

Would you mind to answer few questions:
Did I understand right that Klimax DS is connected to you router over Ethernet and in Roon it is configured as an AirPlay network zone?
Can you try to playback files which are stored on MaMini’s built-in HDD and see if similar symptoms will appear ?
Can you try to reproduce the issue with the System Output zone (using files from NAS and from MacMini’s HDD) ?


Yes the Klimax DS is connected to a router on the same subnet where the Mac mini and the NAS are also connected. I am traveling at this time and cannot run any tests on the system.