Sound quality and usability of Soundaware D300 or D300 Ref using Roon?

According to Alvin at Vinshine who is a distributor for the Soundaware D300 and D300 Ref both are now Roon Ready.

Can anyone hear speak a bit to the sound quality and usability of a D300 or D300 Ref using Roon?

Also what DAC are you using?

I can’t help re SQ, however, these units are confirmed as Roon Ready on the Roon site …

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I’ve used the Soundaware D300 streamer with a Pontus II DAC.

I love the seamless integration between the two using the I2S (HDMI) cable.

Great sound and detail.

Roon works great. No issues here. I love that it’s always on and ready to play.