Sound Quality: Copying vs Ripping CDs?

Hello all. I dug through the archives here but didn’t find a post addressing this simple question: is there any sonic difference/quality difference between simply copying the AIFF files from a CD to the Roon Core, and ripping the CDs? I am on a Mac and my thoughts are that ripping them is an unnecessary step. Why not just drag the files over to my hard drive/Core, and then just simply edit those AIFF files’ metadata?


When you copy AIFF from CD to the Mac, you are basically ripping the CD to AIFF. Using a dedicated ripping software gives you the option to specify what format to rip to (e.g. WAV or FLAC) and also the ability to detect the CD and populate metadata automatically.

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Thanks for the reply. I noticed that even when I didn’t edit the metadata, Roon is able to recognize the tracks and populates the related fields. It doesn’t, however, seem to actually write that metadata on to them tracks themselves.

By design. Metadata is held in the Roon database. Roon will only write metadata to files if they are Exported to another location.