Sound quality of Roon build 537 [retracted claim]

There are reports of some disappointment with the sound quality of Roon build 537.

Please see posts 3581-3588
This is disturbing in that it comes from Taiko Audio, arguably the manufacturer of the finest server made. Moreover he has supposedly corrected the SQ with a firmware update to his server which leaves e wondering what I am to do with my Innuous, which I felt suffers as well with build 537 compared to the previous version.

Any comments would be appreciated

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That seems at odds with the Release Notes which make no mention of changes that would affect audio.

I hear no change whatsoever with this release.


What would it even mean , if a <30 Hz tone had a ‘bad’ rise or fall time ? 30hz has a rise or fall time of 8.3milliseconds by definition. If not, it would be a higher or lower tone… It’s just not possible to change that time, without altering the pitch ? ( Which is most certainly not happening…)

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I hear no difference. But then again I don’t have a $25k server.

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How is this relevant? Roon transports PCM or DSD to the DAC. This is asynchronous; the DAC or streamer controls timing.


As with most of these things, it’s nonsense. Roon hasn’t changed anything that affects audio. This build sounds the same as every build before it, and the same as every other bit perfect player out there.

Sound like this guy has bigger neuroses to worry about with that server. The words of people that deluded are not to be trusted.


uhh, how is what relevant exactly ? To be clear : your response could have been mine, rephrased in your own words… You look at it from the digital domain. I did from the acoustical.

On what basis? Is it used extensively in the data centres of Apple, Google and Microsoft?

Doesn’t that imply the issue was with the firmware of the device?

What are the SQ issues you are experiencing in the latest Roon build?


This is like the whole PS Audio DS DAC firmware builds that some said they can hear this or that better or worse. Personally I never heard any changes with my DS Jr and decided too sell it. Something to do with the order the code was compiled in or something like that. Didnt affect my enjoyment of the music so I moved on. I dont find such issues with Roon in my setup so maybe I’m blessed or cursed…I dont care…as I always say everyone hears differently and thats just the way it is.

This will be the 9th of 9 responses that help the OP in no way what-so-ever. Sorry @Martin_Wax but many Rooners have a tough time asking for more SQ from the mothership.

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I think this more like saying that most users here have no issue with the SQ they are getting from roon. I certainly dont - in my Roon systems. If there are measured differences then maybe I could believe, but all SQ is likely to be subjective.

I haven’t noticed any issues reported here so I assume maybe @Danny might like to chime in here and see if he has any thoughts on this - he is the one I would expect to have some option on this SQ issue that has been mentioned as Roon is his product.

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Thanks @wizardofoz. Just me commenting against what i see as a default stance that crowds out others seeking a different journey.


If you’re wondering what to do with your Innuous, might I suggest you throw it out the window and buy the Taiko Audio thing that apparently comes with “Emile” who apparently will tinker with your code at all hours of the day and night so you are not left bereft because you can’t hear the infamous mosquito fart in the recording of Mahler 2 with Bernstein at the Dog and Duck in Cirencester?


Find out exactly what he supposedly (well did he or didn’t he?) corrected with the firmware update and let Innuos in on the secret. Why do these servers have problems running software? It is a core function for a server…


They don’t have problems because there are none. These people are the audio equivalent of The Real Housewives of [insert your favorite village here]. Vapid.


Never heard of them. Only heard of Innuos through mentions on this forum. If Taiko produce ‘audio’ servers I can guess the sort of imaginary, untested and unverifiable ‘problems’ they have ‘solved’ in their products.


My DAC, the PS Audio DirectStream, has the ability to test a connection to see if it is bit perfect. I just tested it with Roon with HQPlayer turned off. I have a sonicTransporter i9 Roon Core talking to a ultraRendu Roon Endpoint. When I play the bit perfect test track the DirectStream says it received it bit perfect.

What does that mean? It means that Roon is doing nothing to the track but unpacking it from its FLAC container and sending it bit for bit to my DAC. That means that Roon is doing nothing for sound quality, one way or the other, different in the latest build. It’s not mucking with the sub 30Hz region or anything 30Hz and above.

Now, it’s possible if your DAC is directly connected to the Taiko Audio server that the Roon code on that server is making more or different noise in the system which is affecting the sound quality in some way.


Thoughtful reply. Thanks. I’ll make some inquiries,

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Wauw, that’s a pretty nice PC you’ve got there…

Yup… Build 537 sounds the same as the previous build to me. I say horse pucky.