Sound United Brings Roon Tested Compatibility to 68 Denon and Marantz Products

Très décu…vu l’annonce de Sound United, je m’attendais à pouvoir lire mes DSD en natif sur mon Marantz…c’est toujours de l’Airplay et son 16/44…lamentable !!!

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Not stupid at all. As far as I know, D+M airplay devices have always shown up as an available audio device in roon:

So this just marketing, and a big nothingburger. If D+M implemented raat that would be awesome, but I don’t see it happening. They already have dlna for the other 99%, plus their own competing proprietary heos system.

Edit to add: just tried it on the above avr, which is about 4 years old. Works fine.

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I own a Marantz NR1606 and it shows up as a Roon endpoint via AirPlay.

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Yeah, mine does too, as does my AV8805, and they always have, afaik. However, AirPlay is not what we want.


I agree with you Kal. The Roon RAAT technology support is what we want.


And I want it in multichannel.


VERY late to this party but I’m just picking up the issue - yes please multichannel for the AV8805 now that I am seriously considering becoming a proper Roon user. I am playing at present and just try different connections and potential cores. This MCH issue is important!!!

It is March 2021 now. Roon can only stream to my Marantz SR5012 (second setup) via Airplay. how is that Roon supported? I can stream DSD and other HiRes files via HEOS or UPnP protocol. It would be nice it the SR5012 can actually play with RAAT.

You should contact Marantz to request the integration because they have to integrate it.

It’s is Roon supported by Airplay via the Roon tested programme and this works. They don’t state Roon Ready which is a different thing entirely. Talk to them about it.

I am not complaining about either Roon or Marantz. Sometime a quick response to a post may sound like a complain. I am fine sending music to the Marantz via Aiplay from Roon. It is just the AV system, not a two channel system. My Marantz SR5012 which is a listed device on page linked to under the Marantz link in the first post has done Airplay for a while by the time this thread started. In terms of streaming to it from any software or hardware via Airplay, it was not new by then. And it has always been stable and smooth streaming via Airplay to it from S/W or H/W other than Roon. In that context, I don’t think anything new was introduced by the original post.
When I first saw this thread, I was excited like others here to think that the post meant the Marantz and Roon are playing together at the RAAT level, even the term used was “Roon Test”. Until I saw the date and others responses then I knew it was not the case.
Now, it is unclear by “Roon Tested” in this case whether it means there are more functions beyond simply Airplay to the Marantz. There is an old post back in 2015 (linked below) by Mr. Dulai about “Roon Test” “…This is mostly in signal path and the footer, but we will do more and more “special” things with these devices.”
I am interested to know what special things, if any, beyond simply streaming via Airplay to the Marantz is implied here. It is always good to find that your gears can do more.

I don’t believe there are anything special going on.

But, quote you posted is out of date and other users, if they do not follow the thread will not know that.

At the top of that post, it states:

NOTE: this post has been replaced by the more updated page at

Please link the most current information.

My understanding is that the only “special” thing roon does is provide some pre-defined setup templates for the device.

Thanks for pointing that out! Sometimes I just don’t see the stuff that is in my face, such as the link on top of that thread. Thanks again! Concerning Roon Tested, the new thread does not contain significantly different info. So…still pretty much just Airplay streaming then in this case for the SR5012 and no extra functions. :frowning: