"Roon Tested" Audio Hardware (Formerly Roon Certified)

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NOTE: this post has been replaced by the more updated page at https://kb.roonlabs.com/Roon_partner_programs

Some of you may have noticed that a few audio products out here do some special in-app stuff when you hook them up to Roon. This is mostly in signal path and the footer, but we will do more and more “special” things with these devices.

We call this hardware manufacturer program “Roon Tested”. We need to have a working relationship with the manufacturer to make this happen.

The idea is that we test various manufacturers’ audio endpoint with Roon, with a much more rigorous test than any normal user would. The manufacturer will also test Roon with their product, and make sure we don’t do anything bad to their endpoint.

Then, as a consumer confidence builder, we can both co-market that each others products are known to work well together. On top of that, Roon can identify the product, support extra features, provide links to the vendor website and the product manuals, etc…

If your product is not showing up as “Roon Tested”, you really must contact your manufacturer and tell them to get it certified. We only can certify what we have in our possession. Feel free to link them to this post.

One big bonus feature for certification, is that in the future, we’ll have some bonus features, like MQA hi-res playback, for certified devices.

MANUFACTURERS: please contact us at contact@roonlabs.com

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@danny- is there an list (that’s updated) for certified hardware?

  • Meridian
  • ???

(Danny Dulai) #4

There is not a list, and it would be product by product, not vendor by vendor.

When we launch Roon Certified and Roon Speakers, we will provide the list on our website.

(Mark) #5

Glad to hear that the DiDiT DAC212 is going through the Roon Certified process. Fantastic dac/pre-amp & probably my single favourite component.


Any discussions with Legacy Audio to interface with their new Wavelet that is the core of their Aeris and V right now?




At this point, what are my options for endpoint with Roon? Anything from Meridian is still the primary option. Though at this point, if you don’t use a Meridian Core, you run the challenge of not being able to update the hardware? Is that it?



Are there any plans to support kernel drivers in Windows?


Any plans to have Totaldac DACs and/or Totaldac server as an Roon certified endpoint?


There has been no news (that I have seen) concerning Roonspeakers and hardware partners. I take that to mean that this is still a work in progress as you at Roon refine Roonspeakers to be implementable by various partners. I expect that is complicated given the flexibility you want and the confines of trying to shoe-horn into products that were not designed around Roonspeakers. In the absence of any concrete information can you give us a reasonable estimate of when you expect to be in a position to announce hardware partnerships?
Thank you. Peter

(Andrew Cox) #11

RoonSpeakers is under active development was the latest news. I’m betting next major release.

Hardware partnerships depend upon (at least) two things. Roon releasing the SDK to the manufacturers and the manufacturers implementing firmwire and drivers. Mr. Wang at Auralic told me it would take them about two months after they got the SDK. As you rightly say, the process is complicated and the organisation is probably akin to herding cats. (Edit: and may involve non disclosure agreements until joint announcements etc.)

As you may well know software development consists of development and debugging phases. We generally don’t get a heads up from the devs until they are into a debugging phase and are confident that they can deliver as announced. Until they get into that position, I’m going to listen to music and have a drink. :wink:

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In Stereophile
“The dCS Rossini also presents the user with two options for controlling his or her music library: a proprietary dCS app, and—unsurprisingly—Roon. (See Michael Lavorgna’s review on our brother site, AudioStream and Jon Iverson’s review in the October issue of Stereophile, which will hit newsstands next week.)
Read more at http://www.stereophile.com/content/new-products-montreals-sonor-filtronique#lkMShUrI0M3bVj3p.99

(Danny Dulai) #13

@PNCD, I’m guessing the first hardware partners will be shipping by end of year. When they start working on their press plans, I’m sure there will be announcements.


Please start a working relationship with Schiit!

(Daniel Beyer) #15

Do you have their new Yggdrasil DAC?


I am using their BiFrost Uber (Analog) DAC and Lyr 2 Amp. Also using Uptone Audio’s USB Regen before the DAC.

(Mark) #17

I just had an Yggdrasil here for a few weeks. It is very very good indeed.


Any chance that the Resolution Audio Cantata MC could become an Roon certified Endpoint?
I asked Steve from Resolution Audio and he said that he already uses Roon and he thinks that Roon is great :sunglasses:
But he uses Roon “just” via USB and obviously not via the Ethernet-in.

IMHO the Resolution Audio Cantata MC hardware would be predestinated to act as Roon Endpoint, but see for yourself: http://www.resolutionaudio.com/?page_id=63

What would the guys from Resolution Audio have to do to get in touch with the right people at Roon?

(Andrew Cox) #19

Hi Christoph,

The SDK for RAAT is about to be released to manufacturers. Let’s leave a notification for @danny regarding interest from Resolution Audio.


Hi Andy

Thank you very much.

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