Soundaware D300 Ref uncertified

Roon Core Machine

windows 10 pc

Networking Gear & Setup Details

netgear router>soundaware d300 ref streamer

Connected Audio Devices

coax to dac

Library Size

Description of Issue

ive been using my soundaware d300 ref to stream tidal via roon no problems until today suddenly its uncertified despite it listed as roon ready on this site how do i fix this?

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gee lucky im not holding my breath thanks support

Have you tried rebooting your core?

thanks its a firmware issue should be sorted soon

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Hey @Stavros_Abougelis,

I am mortified that we haven’t gotten a chance to get back to you until today. Somehow, we missed out on this thread you created.

I was wondering, did the firmware update resolve the issue? :nerd_face:

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hi rebeka i like how it shows “20 days later” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: i was beginning to feel about as popular as a red headed stepson. yes thanks i resolved it with a firmware upgrade

A painful reminder, isn’t it… :pleading_face: . I am sorry it took us this long.

I’m delighted things are back as they should be. And, we appreciate you taking our delay this lightly :sweat_smile:

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