Soundaware D300Ref

Has anyone used this streamer? Seems very well made but hardly any reviews except 6moons.

Really strange that AIFF is only supported up to 48kHZ, and that it has ‘normal’ compression…
It should support excatly the same capabilites as WAV.

In fact, AIFF is , just like WAV, not compressed at all, and both are similar (I dare say ‘equal’), except that AIFF incorporates metadata, where WAV could not (these days it can as well - see wikpedia)


Hrm ya I am not sure. Anyone actually try this streamer?

It doesn’t mention any roon support so I can’t imagine anyone here will be using it.

The seller of the unit, Alvin at Vinshine audio says it has full roon support.

According to Alvin it is now Roon Ready.

I would be interested in any feedback regarding its sound quality and also Roon compatibility as an endpoint.