Soundbars as Roon endpoints

Hi, I’ve never purchase a sound bar before so excuse the ignorance. I want to use a sound bar as a Roon end point over WiFi. Is there such a thing and if so can you recommend something or give me some place to look for more info? I’ve looked at sound bars and what I’ve seen don’t seem to advertise about being Roon Ready. Thank you in advance.

I use a Bluesound Soundbar and it (of course) works splendidly as a Roon endpoint, given it’s BluOS operating system. Give it a listen though, i use it daily but don’t feel it’s the best option regarding sound quality (at the price point)…

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Sonos plays quite well with Roon. I’ve got a Beam and it works perfectly with Roon.

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Thank you, I’m familiar with the brand so that’s a good start!

Thanks for the quick reply, I’ll have a listen. It’s not for serious listening just to fill the living room with background music for the most part. Thank you!

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I assume you are also going to use it with a TV?

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Yes, via HDMI

Bowers&Wilkins Formation Bar is a great end point and quite stylish. I have a couple in different rooms.

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Thank you, on my list of potentials.

The Naim Mu-su 2 works very well with Roon and also does a good job as a sound bar. Initially got it for music playback only but now it’s my default choice for general music/video playback in my entertainment areas, very happy with them.

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You could also pretty much choose any modern soundbar that you like and feed it from a Pi or other Roon endpoint that supports the input to the bar you choose. Perhaps optical.

This method widens your options to many bars.

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Very true!
But, what i like with my Bluesound Soundbar is that the source selection is flawless, and my missus doesn’t have to do anything when the TV comes on, the Soundbar automatically switches to Optical input and set sound profile to TV (or Movie, depending on what was last used).
And when i point my Roon setup towards it, it goes to Music profile.
I also like the subwoofer output which is reasonably configurable, and connected to a compact Velodyne SPL-1000.


Thanks, Mikael that’s the position I’m in. Appreciate the feedback.

My head is so permanently aligned with our Control4 system and its source selection features, I forgot about ease of use without it. I really appreciate and totally agree with the points you made.

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Do you have any experience with Roon preventing a B&W Formation Soundbar from switching inputs? Dealing with a soundbar right now that won’t play TV audio for 10 minutes after pausing Roon. There’s a slight work around for closing with the b&w app but it’s not concise.

I have the B&W Formation Soundbar connected via optical to an LG TV. I have experienced the problem you mention. However, providing I stop Roon playing to the Soundbar prior to switching on the TV there is no delay in start up.

I’m using a Sonos Arc with a stereo pair of play 1s for the TV and have it setup as an endpoint in Roon. Creates quite an interesting image when used for music.

Old topic but those interested the LG soundbars (and probably others as well) have Google Chromecast built in and work as Roon endpoints. Also soundbars that have Airplay will also work as Roon endpoints.