Soundiiz - I have some questions

Hi all,

Have just come across this service and have some questions:

  1. Is it actually safe in that you actually gran tit access to your account, be it Spotify, Qobuz or another service?

  2. Is it worth the yearly subscription if I would like to export my playlists in Qobuz to excel?

  3. Is there any way I can sort of speak upload a Qobuz playlist (not the music of course) and then at a later date do a check to see if any tracks have been deleted on Qobuz?

Many thanks!

I’ve used it to transfer my favorites from Tidal to Qobuz.

If all you want to do is something like that, then only take out a monthly subscription.

Yes. Roon Labs is a reputable company and I have no reservations providing my Tidal credentials.

He’s asking about Soundiiz.

Just use it the one time to update you playlists and then shelve it. get a one time script is what I did.

Thanks for your replies all!

I do a sub b/c I appreciate what they are doing to prevent service lock in. I have transfers from Spot to Tidal.