Soundtrack as composition

in this album

it seems that the various track are all identified as different versions of the same composition (called “singing in the rain soundtrack”)

so it turns out that i have 23 versions of that.
i think it’s a metadata problem for the album.

so… i cannot solve this by myself. i mean, here roon says that 23 tracks of this album are part of a composition called “singing in the rain, film score”, and i’m not really able to overwrite this.

besides, i’ve found out that there are a lot of soundtracks that are recognized as a single composition. some examples:

ok… i don’t like it. but i cannot find any place to overwrite this behavior and treat everything as single tracks. so?
if in album settings i select in multipart composition grouping to prefer files… nothing happens.

Like it or not, film scores are multi part single compositions.

The only error I see here is lack of consistency in Roon metadata. I have one of the largest film music collections anywhere. Some scores are treated as multi part compositions, others as individual track compositions.

Regardless, if you wish to force your own track organization, tell Roon metadata to prefer your own track titles.


yes, the problem is lack of consistency.
in my settings, my track titles are already forced, but it’s not sufficient.
i’ve just found out that you have to go in album setting, and in the edit tab, disable multi-part grouping.

in this case, the multipart composition disappears form the album view, and from the compositions list. the problem is that… it’s not replaced by single-track compositions…