Source based DSP options

Would love to be able to have DSP setups apply to certain sources.


One set of DSP for radio, and another set for any other source.

Specifically, in my case it would be for upsampling and EQ (convolution, headroom, and speaker setup would all stay the same).

The reason being internet radio sounds pretty raw through my speakers, but upsampling takes the edge off, and can be refined further with a bit of additional bass/treble EQ. Unfortunately, applying this is too convoluted to do day to day, and it’s a manual process. My workaround is custom upsampling on 48khz only, which at least takes care of the upsampling bit.

Others may have other needs so some extra DSP logic might be useful. Equally I know these things can get complex quickly.

(I personally also think it would help in general to have ‘active’ DSP setups, and use a more traditional save/restore method rather than the current one).

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