Speaker Cables Recommendations

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Just a general question (totally unrelated to Roon). As there’s lots of expertise here…I was hoping to get some general advice from the community for speaker cables. I’m setting up a new system and wondered if anyone can recommend a great set of speaker cables or brand? Ideally would like to keep it around $300 for a 3m or 4m pair.


Here is a can of worms that active speakers means I no longer worry about.

In the past I have used electric lawnmower cable to good effect on a modest system, certainly an upgrade from ‘Bellwire’.
I think we would need to know more about your system to advise.
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Kimber Kable makes good quality very reasonable priced speaker wire. I’ve been using their stuff for years and find it does the job. I’ve had the 8PR for a very long time (over 15 years). It does the job.

I’m sure you’ll find people with strong opinions on either side of me (I overspent; I’ve underspent by lots). Kimber also offers price points on either side of that same equation.

Thanks @rayski for the recommendation.

@Chrislayeruk I’m considering getting a Yamaha A-S2100 amp and M-DAC+ to pair with KEF LS 50s

Hi @Hugo
I second @rayski 's recommendation, I don’t think you could go wrong with either of the Kimber Classics…4 or 8PR. I think you could also find a pair of XLO U6 within your budget…these might work for you.
I’d try getting a used pair of quality entry level cables for a good price, people always looking to upgrade as the insanity starts to take flight. :laughing:

Not another discussion about cables :slight_smile: any decent 4mm2 copper cable will do the trick despite the price.

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The best advice you’ll get will be from those among us that hear day and night differences between USB transports and those that hear SQ differences between different releases of Roon.


Don’t get me wrong i did research on speaker cables for almost 20 years copper, silver, cryogenic copper etc etc.

Differences produced by cables which lead to noticeable change for listener are also always measurable.

Invest money in the speakers and in the room treatment that’s the key (in my opinion).

Bad quality of digital cables may lead to problems right but speaker cables and analog copper interconnects:-) wake up :slight_smile:

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Over the past 30 years or so I’ve used various speaker cables from cheap and cheerful mains cable to Dynaudio Ocos (when I had Dynaudio speakers).
Speaker cables can and do make a difference and are very system dependant.
I’m currently using Van Den Hul CS-122 Hybrid Speaker Cable in my system.
IMO they are reasonably priced.
I am happy with my system and no longer have the urge to change.

My system:
Living room:
NUC i7, Roon, HQ Player, Lampizator L4G5 , MRendu + linear PS, EAR V20, Woo Audio WA22, Senn 800, Audeze LCD XC, PMC GB1i

Raspberry Pi3, Roon, Meridian Explorer 2, Ultimate Ears Triple 10

I use Marshall 12 gauge from Redco. Cheap and low impedance, work great.

I really like the Mediabridge products. Available thru Amazon Prime too…

Get 12 AWG, and you’ll be fine.

Yup, another plug for Kimber 4 or 8PR cables. You can go less or more expensive, but this is a sweet spot for sure. As mentioned, this is a can or worms for sure, but a decent cable matters - you don’t need to go crazy, but there is a minimum.

Also, I second the room setup and treatment. This is extremely important and is often overlooked and can make the difference between OK and incredible. I’ve heard low cost, well setup and configured systems that make music anyone would love to live with and poorly done sky’s the limit systems that your ears can’t stand. It’s not always about money but careful thoughtful decisions. So, take your time and audition.

I find Roger Russell’s website useful with information.


From the home page > Speaker related Sites > Speaker Wire

BTW - The LS50’s are a very nice choice. I heard these several years ago at the NYC Hi-Fi show driven by Cary’s AES brand. It was a small tube amp and I don’t remember the DAC, but it the source was a laptop and it sounded super!

Following along on Roger Russell’s recommendations check out Blue Jeans Cable. Not fancy wire but probably all you need and electro welded terminations of your choice.

Excellent recommendation. BJC is a solid choice at a basic quality level. I purchase from them with quick turnaround and complete satisfaction. If you want to explore whether cables matter or not, check out the Cable Company. They will advise on the best match for your system and then send several to audition.

Would the Cable Company recommend and supply Blue Jeans for an audition? I thought Blue jeans only sold direct. Could be wrong.

If you’re handy, you can make your own. Or, purchase Canare 4S11 Star Quad 4 meter pair with terminations (locking bananas) for about $100 (from BJC). I have a couple of sets of these I made from raw cable ($1.35 per foot) plus terminations. I made my own Canare 4S11 speaker cables since I wanted special stacking angled locking bananas.

Take whatever fits into your budget :slight_smile:

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