Speaker options to group with Bluesound?

I currently have audio setup in my home theater (Nucleus connected to Denon receiver) and my kitchen (Bluesound Pulse Flex speaker). I’d like to add speakers in more rooms AND be able to group them in Roon. More Bluesound speakers is the obvious choice. But I’m wondering if there are any options that would be less expensive?


I would think any Roon certified endpoint would do. Not Sonos, Meridian etc as they work with Roon but only group with their own kind.

As the Flex can use the RAAT and the airplay protocol, and the Denon airplay (and approximately HEOS), all airplay-capable player should work. If you are already using the Flex and the Denon as a zone, you seems to be using the airplay protocol today.

This is very helpful to know about Airplay. I am not currently grouping the two zones I have wit Airplay. Didn’t realize that I had this option. Thanks!